Tambotie Preparatory School
Tambotie Preparatory School

Sport At Our School

Participation in sport and the role of physical development are integral to the holistic development of the learners at Tambotie Preparatory School.

We strive to create opportunities as far as possible for each learner to develop as an individual. It is therefore important that learners are encouraged to participate in sport.

We believe that participation in our extra-mural program develops a well-rounded learner, and with a varied program, all learners can find their passion.

Sport at Tambotie is not just about being in the winning team and succeeding for the sake of success. Yes, it is important to be competitive. However, being good at sport at Tambotie means far more than trouncing the opposition and covering oneself with glory.

Individuals who pass through the gates of Tambotie learn to respect others and through this process, acquire their own self-esteem. Through sporting interaction, we hope to expose our learners to some of life’s great lessons.

Sports we offer are Athletics, Cricket, Cross Country, Chess, Netball and Soccer.

School cricket, Tambotie
Preparatory school soccer, Tambotie
Primary school chess, Tambotie
School athletics winner, Tambotie
Primary school netball
Primary school athletics, high jump
Primary school tennis prep, Tambotie
Primary school, cross-country
Primary school athletics, long jump
Primary school cricket
Primary school athletics training
Athletics inter-schools, first place Tambotie
School netball training
School aerobics class, Tambotie
Primary school athletics, shot put