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Tambotie Pre-primary School was founded in 1975. The previous Department of Education instituted pre-school facilities as they realized that early learning is vital to future development and scholastic advancement. Mrs Riette Els was the first Principal appointed to manage this school.

In May 1997 Rosalie Bloom was appointed as acting principal. It was during this period that the MEC of Education at the time indicated that all public pre-primary schools would shut down at the end of 2000. Tambotie's SGB (School Governing Body) selected the option to privatise. This brought about the financial implication of running the school solely on income from school fees. Great uncertainty was the order of the day and many parents opted to take their children to established day mothers.

Dianne van Staden was appointed in 2001 as the new principal for the privatised school. Only 80 children were enrolled in 2001. A lease agreement was signed with Gauteng Department of Education to rent the facility until December 2005.

After many negotiations with the appointed primary schools that had the option to take the premises over, Tambotie's SGB was awarded a one year lease with the first option to purchase the facilities. The SGB of 2005 decided to register Tambotie as a Section 21 company and register the premises accordingly upon purchasing it. This was done to ensure that the education of the children would not fall into the hands of privately owned schools that make profit their main goal.

Over the years, Tambotie has grown to over 300 learners, with excellent achievements in the academic, cultural and sporting environments. In April 2020, Martin Koekemoer was appointed as principal after the retirement of Mrs Van Staden.

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